Frequently asked questions

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How to offer Cuvée Privée as a gift?

No worries, we thought about everything. Select the cuvée of choice and place your order normally. At checkout, we ask you to provide the email of the gift recipient as well as the date on which you wish us to send the welcome email (not to spoil the surprise).

Who selects the wines?

At Cuvée Privée, we carefully select all our wines to ensure you the best quality! That is why we have teamed up with Bernard Neveu, Head Sommelier of the Bristol Palace in Paris to select the wines that you will find on our website.

When am I going to receive my first welcome box?

You will receive your welcome box within 6 working days of making your purchase. Inside, you will find one to six bottle(s) from your vines, an adoption certificate, information about your plot and little surprises!

When am I going to receive my last bottles?

A little patience! You'll receive your last box a year after the beginning of your adoption: 6 beautiful bottles personalised with your name.