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Wish to offer vines? Is it better to pick a cuvée that stands out?

Trust our Chef Sommelier!

Chef sommelier of the parisian palace Le Bristol, where he operates at the Epicure restaurant (3 Michelin stars), Bernard Neveu occupies one of the most prestigious positions in French sommelerie. At the age of 37, he already boasts a career of 14 years as a sommelier.
Building up experience in eminent properties over the Azural coasts, such as Saint-Martin Castle, he never lost sight of his motto: be in direct contact with the winemakers.
In 2015, Bernard Neveu joined the Bristol in Paris. He and his team are seeing over the 100,000 bottles of the palace's cave.


Who said you needed years of wine tasting to appreciate great wines?

These cuvées are made for you if you wish to learn more about wine. Fresh and fruity, the apprentice cuvées are accessible for all type of palate. As soon as your cuvée arrives, you will be able to savour it, especially at the aperitif.

Selection for apprentice

You already know the basics about wine and are starting to know what you like?

Very representative of their appellations, they will allow you to confirm your preferences and discover new horizons.

Selection for enthusiast

Beyond these cuvées' prestige and reputation, they are made for you if you like more complex wines and wish to know more about the work and the precision of its maker.

Thanks to a longer conservation, some bottles will have the opportunity to be kept for a later use.

Selection for coinnoisseur

Where do you live?

Hesitating between different gems? Take into account your geographical proximity!

Indeed, a visit of the domain and of the adopted plot is intended for the adopter. As a reminder, here is a map which will allow you to position yourself in our different wine regions.