Who are we?

« Cuvée Privée is a new manner of buying wine. Friendly, authentic and closer to the winemaker »

- Morgane, Aurélie and Marie, the founders.


Our founders are Marie, Aurélie and Morgane, connected through their mutual love of wine at university. While Marie waxed poetic about Champagne, "The world of wine is fascinating but its complexity can be a source of fear. It needs to be carefully explained and brought closer to its consumers."

It was during her studies at HEC Paris that she met Morgane and Aurélie, both wine lovers. They would regularly go to the wine club of their school in which they would exchange with the winemakers about their work. When putting a face and a terroir behind a bottle, they realised that wine is even more meaningful. Therefore, they decided to launch Cuvée Privée.


Cuvée Privée gives a new sense of meaning to buying wine, by explaining the work of the winemaker and creating a link with French terroir. 

Des produits issus d'une agriculture responsable.

Nos producteurs partenaires sont tous engagés dans une agriculture responsable et font de leur mieux chaque jour pour cultiver des produits d'une qualité remarquable et ce, avec un impact minimal sur notre environnement.

Des produits rien qu'à vous !

Sur votre table, votre propre huile d'olive personnalisée à votre nom, dans votre verre, le vin de vos vignes.

Finalement, adopter demain, c'est consommer un peu mieux chaque jour tout en dégustant au quotidien des produits d'exception à votre nom.

Parce que les meilleurs produits, ce sont les vôtres.


Because loving wine is above all about loving life and the experience of sharing with others.

Because we strongly believe that our terroir, our savoir-faire and our legacy must be maintained and passed on.

Because producing wine is being in communication with nature, protecting it and making it sustainable.

Because Cuvée Privée is born with the intention to bring authenticity to the way we talk about wine and to enhance transparency. 

The founders of Cuvée Privée

Wine, Vines and Operations

Daughter wine-grower in Champagne, comfortable in the vines as well as in the office, she is responsible for the wine catalogue and the relationships with the winemakers.

Finance and Business Developper

After being exposed to the banking sector and as an advisor, Aurelie decided to live by her passion for wine with Cuvée Privée.

Marketing & Product

While at HEC's wine club, Morgane discovered herself a true love for wine and its universe. Today, she uses her skills and passion for Cuvée Privée.